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Sanders Academy for Excellence is here to provide you with reliable childcare in a God-focused educational environment. We are passionate about what we do; our staff members have over 20 years of experience, and dedicate themselves to making sure your child gets the care and attention they deserve. We believe in the value of quality childcare, and will do whatever it takes to make sure you receive it.
God takes care of the day. We take care of the child.

A Little About Us

At Sanders Academy for Excellence, our goal was to craft a childcare program that would do more than just provide you with babysitting for the day. We’ve designed our program to focus around education and quality care. This means that we provide your children with personal attention, using one of the best pre-K educational programs available to help them learn and grow. We care deeply about the children under our care, and want to give them the love and attention they need to succeed.
In addition, we can also provide you and your child with church service. We believe strongly in spreading God’s word and in His message of service. That’s why we not only preach His word, but take the time to put it into practice by donating to food pantries and providing essentials for those in need. It is our goal to help make the world a better place, and we’ll do whatever we can to work towards that goal.
We have a director’s certification and childcare licensing. We offer affordable rates for our childcare program; learn more by contacting us.
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