Sanders Academy for Excellence Can Provide You with an Outstanding Childcare Program

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At Sanders Academy for Excellence, we focus our childcare program on education and quality care. Our dedication to the children in our care has led us to creating a program that is not only fun for the children, but provides them with many learning opportunities. Each child is given the care and attention they need to really learn and grow at their own pace.

What Age Must My Child Be to Participate?

We take care of children that are between six weeks and twelve years of age. Our goal is to provide them with an excellent developmental learning program that will both be entertaining and will help them grow.

What is the Class Size and Curriculum?

We have a maximum class size of 13 students. This small size allows us to provide the children with more personalized attention. We communicate well with our children, and help them learn how to self-regulate.

We use Frog Street curriculum to provide education across a variety of developmental ages. This is a comprehensive, research-based program that offers lessons across many different disciplines, assists with social and emotional development, and provides equal instruction of English and Spanish material, among other things. By using this program, we can make sure that your child receives an amazing education.

Sanders Academy for Excellence offers affordable rates for our childcare program. Learn more by contacting us today.

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